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Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- When you're given beautiful intertwining bracelets for your birthday and after wearing them for the first time you realize you can't get them off your wrist so you sleep in them and try again in the morning. #fatfistedproblems.

- When every friend, family member, long-lost-acquaintance, and brother's-neighbor's-aunt gives you chocolate for your birthday, and you stash it away thinking it will last you the WHOLE YEAR, and then two weeks later you have two candy bars left and it dawns on you that you're a sad, sad, chocolate-eating fool.

-  When you realize that your thirteen-year-old daughter has more emotional self-control than you when it comes to hearing bad news from a medical professional. Case in point: Kendall was recently (and very bluntly) told some disheartening news that came as quite the shock to her by her eye doctor, and was clearly thrown off her rocker and wanted to cry. But she held it in, and didn't break down until the car ride home. And then after a good half hour cry was okay and has been fine ever since.

As opposed to me, who upon hearing the disheartening news three years ago that my root canal had cracked and I'd need to have my front tooth pulled out, burst into tears, cried the whole rest of the appointment, the whole half hour drive home, AND for the next two hours straight while curled up in a ball on the bed. (An especially awkward time for my husband, who's only arsenal of comfort was: "it's not like it's cancer, babe", to which I responded: "I'LL HAVE TO WEAR A FAKE TOOTH!")

- When you're in need of firewood for winter and within the week two friends call offering free wood if you'll come cut it up and remove it, and it ends up being over four cords worth, enough for almost the whole winter. Yeah!!
- Also awesome: my hardworking STUD of a husband.

And now for a special "Awkard AND Awesome?":
- When your eleven-year-old comes home from school all jazzed up excited because he has started a loan business for kids in his class that deals solely with the "fake" money they earn in class for rewards, and he's charging interest, and has already made "$1000" class bucks that he's going to put towards a test freebie (getting to skip a test), and is all, "isn't that awesome and cool, Mom?"

And you're all: MY SON IS A LOAN SHARK.

What I Wore Wednesday


No. 1
Old Navy cardigan, Target blouse, Silver jeans, Rue 21 sandals (which I proceeded to wear almost the entire rest of the week)

No. 2 
Old Navy cardigan, Ross dress, Walmart necklace ($5, yo) Rue 21 sandals (day 2)

No. 3
Target dress, Ross scarf, Rue 21 sandals (day: "but they go with everything!")

No. 4 
Maurice's top, Target necklace, Caslon pants, different shoes! (Famous Footwear)

No. 5 
Clothes swap top, Banana Republic jeans, Target sandals

No. 6 
Liz Claiborne thrifted blouse, Banana Republic jeans, Rue 21 sandals (day: "I missed you guys")

Sorry for the nonsense, it's late (Tues night) and I'm running on fumes here. 
Thanks for visiting!

pleated poppy

End of the Weekend Photo Dump


Snapshots from the cell phone...

Saturday morning soccer has begun. I was lamenting the fact that we won't be able to sleep in until November when my sister kindly reminded me that straight after soccer is Saturday morning basketball... so actually no more sleeping in till January. Then I went into a depression.

Jana and I were out shopping last Saturday when we ran into our favorite mother/daughter duo of Amy & Angey. This called for a two-hour-long lunch break at the Olive Garden because, breadsticks. And it was the most fun two hours I've had in quite a while. Sooooo much laughing :) 
While out shopping I decided to use my Target birthday giftcard on a new toaster, which I knew was sad and possibly old-ladyish, but really I was all, Yay! A new toaster!! Woohooo!

My newest Costco discovery of yumminess. Those darned sample tables strike again! 

Enjoying a beautiful day and a much overdue lunch date at C'est La Vie cafe, with the ever-lovely Sairaina. I am continually blessed and encouraged by our friendship. She is a gift.

Speaking of gifts... this immaculate mini fridge with a stainless steel front was just sitting on the side of the road with a "free" sign on it. A gift from God? We sure thought so! (Perfect for the shop and family camp next summer.) And then we brought it home and plugged it in. Lights came on, it turned on and started humming, but two hours later it was still not cold. Hmmmm. We are hoping it's a super easy and cheap fix, and if not, hey, for free it was worth a shot!

Saturday night was date night, and as an added bonus we spent almost an hour in Barnes & Nobles bookstore while waiting for our movie. I found this heavenly, although I laughed at myself when I realized I used up most of the time browsing all the bibles, when I have three at home! (I don't know why, all the pretty leather covers just drew me in and I needed to inspect them all?)

And yesterday afternoon was spent at the most delightful surprise garden tea party for my friend Therese, thrown by her three beautiful daughters. Perfect end to the weekend. 

(Those daughters... they did an amazing job! The food, music, and decorations were TOP NOTCH. Well done, little Lews!)

What I Wore Wednesday


Oh look at that! School's back in and all of a sudden I have 5 outfits to share again from my week, instead of a measly 2 & 3... funny how that happens!

(read: Boo, life's responsibilities have returned, and with them the need to wear items other than running shorts.)

No. 1
Dress Barn lace top, Kenneth Cole dress pants, Famous Footwear wedges (see below to actually see them, in shadow), old jewelry

No. 2 
Old Navy blouse, Target skirt, Famous Footwear wedges

No. 3 
clothes swap top, Banana Republic jeans, Target sandals, Christmas gift scarf (from Freddies)

No. 4 
Gap tee, Old Navy skirt, Rue 21 sandals

No. 5 
Arizona flannel shirt, Nike tee, Costco brand yoga capris, Converse tennies
And this is what you wear to a soccer game at 9am on Saturday morning after the first week of school (ie: after getting up early all week). There is no head because there is no makeup!

pleated poppy

Monday Confessional


After a month of working two jobs (my own part time office job + filling in part time for my sister's much more complicated & demanding office job while she's on maternity leave), while also being responsible for my home, my three children, & managing their fall schedules which include volleyball, soccer, and piano lessons, aaaand planning a huge 24-hour scrapbook event coming up in a month, I am ready to make the following confessions:

1. I am a weeenie. I don't know how full-time working mothers do it. I don't. I'm sure not doing it. Not well at least. MY HATS OF TO YOU, AMAZING WORKING MOTHERS OF THE WORLD.

2. I now call my house "the badlands". It's a literal pit of despair. Children are eating poptarts and whatever else they can scrounge up for meals, and searching for socks in the dirty laundry pile because I can not face the housework. CAN. NOT.

3. On multiple occasions I have climbed into bed by 7:00 pm and stayed there for the rest of the evening.

4. My tolerance level for normal sibling bickering has plummeted and last week two of my children were dropped off a 1/4 mile from home and told to walk the rest of the way. It was heavenly.

5. I keep forgetting to actually take a break and use the bathroom during the day. (That's probably not healthy.)

6. My weekends are currently filled with grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning. I declare this to be EL LAME-O.

7. When my husband emailed me to say he hadn't realized how much work I do as a mainly stay-at-home mom, and that he was glad his eyes had been opened, I fist-pumped the air and declared this short season of craziness ALL WORTH IT. :)

{Working in my sister's office and getting a visit from my nephew on his first day of preschool... what a cutie!}