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The Scrap Recap


What a weekend! My Scrap Around the Clock crew and I hosted our 23rd event, and it was a crazy, awesome, and super-rewarding time!

We hosted 74 ladies from all over western Oregon and parts of Washington for a 33-hour crop, which included 4 catered meals, 7 vendors, 2 make 'n take workshops, prizes and giveaways, 15-minute massages, an espresso cart, movies on the big screen, and lots of personal scrap space!

{Our crew: Kelly, Jana, Karyn, myself, Linley, and Gaylen}

{The scrapper's showcase, where ladies vote on their favorite layout or cards made over the weekend.}

{Karyn getting her nails done by Joni, our Jamberry Nail rep. It's not just about the scrapping!}

Personally, I got a lot accomplished myself besides helping run the show. My big project was photo organization from the past 3 1/2 years, and sorting through the THOUSANDS of cell phone pictures that I had thrown in randomly named files on my laptop over the years instead of putting them with my regular camera pictures in monthly files. It was a huge headache but I did it! And I feel sooooo good to have it done. 

A TON of work goes into these weekends, with all the proceeds going to a ministry at our church, and by Saturday night we are poooooped. But then we start reading the comment cards left from our attendees and are so tickled pink by the compliments and praise our event receives that we start getting excited for the next one already! C'mon October 9th & 10th!

I'm so proud of Scrap Around the Clock :) 

Twelve is in the house


Our March birthday season is finally over. First Blake, then my sister, her husband Dave, and lastly, Cooper.

{Twelve! Headed to junior high! HOLD ME!}

Coop's a funny kid. He didn't want a birthday party, didn't want lots of friends, he wanted two ONLY. To come watch March Madness, fill out brackets, go see a movie, and stay the night and play xbox. We threw in a family lunch at his grandparents first, and a surprise shopping trip, and his Papa Wilson threw in a surprise dinner outing just for Coop once his friends were gone, and what we ended up with was two full days of celebration and a declaration that, "I'm the luckiest boy in the whole world".

(Pats self on back. Well done, underachieving Mom.)

 I even pawned off the movie outing and shopping onto Russ and let it be a guy-only thing.

Which explains how Coop came home with the wildest green and yellow basketball get-up you could imagine. WOW.

{Insurgent in 3D}

{My dad sent me this pic from his special outing with Coop the next night. And told me that after they left the restaurant Coop gave his half burger and onion rings that he hadn't been able to finish to a very grateful homeless man sitting outside.}  

Yesterday I took Coop to Target to spend his birthday money from grandparents that was burning a hole in his pocket (after two whole days!) and he knew exactly what he wanted.

I'm glad that twelve still loves lego :)

What I Wore


Being as that it's Spring Break here in Oregon, my yoga pants have made a glorious reappearance and I only have 3 outfits to share. And I don't even care because... comfy, lazy days!

No. 1
Tommy Hilfiger shirt, American Eagle jeans, Madden Girl sandals, gifted scarf

No. 2 
Maurice's shirt and skirt (new), Famous Footwear wedges

No. 3 
Thrifted shirt, American Eagle jeans, Converse sneakers, etsy scarf

Happy Wednesday :)

Wen: the trial run


You've probably heard of Wen. The spendy hair cleanser that doesn't lather and is supposed to be amazing for your hair.
My friend Tracey recently gave me her bottle after she tried it just once and didn't care for how it left her hair, and so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

My first time reading the instructions I laughed out loud. 24-32 pumps per wash for long hair? What??!!
I actually googled it to see if anyone else thought that was as ridiculous as I did. But after my first time using it I saw how you'd need an awful lot, since it truly does not lather a single bit and you really have to work it in.

So... my trial run began, and while I didn't care for how greasy my hair felt at the end of the day, I did like the smell and the tingly feeling it left, and thought I'd give it a full two weeks for my hair to get used to it, like many people online suggested.

And the final verdict?

We shall never know. The bottle lasted EIGHT WASHES.


I think I've been punked. 

What I Wore - the lost week


I recently donated my old camera to our school's annual auction and threw in an SD card with it... an SD card that I almost forgot to check to make sure it was empty.

Good thing I did. Because on the card was a whole week of outfit pictures that I somehow forgot all about when I got my new camera. I can just see someone buying it and finding all those mirror shots... that would have been embarrassing!

First up, a couple outfits from this past week:

No. 1
TJ Maxx top, American Eagle jeans, Matisse boots, Maurice's necklace

No. 2 
thrifted dress, Maurice's shirt, Costco leggings, Matisse boots

And now... the lost week! 

No. 3
TJ Maxx top, American Eagle jeans, Converse sneakers, gifted scarf

And oh look, there's my old mirror propped on the side of the tub again...

No. 4 
Costco sweater, American Eagle jeans (yes, they're pretty much all I wear), H&M scarf, Converse sneakers

No. 5 
Costco cardigan, TJ Maxx top, American Eagle jeans, Matisse boots

No. 6 
Banana Republic dress, Ross sweater, Costco leggings, Matisse boots, thrifted belt

Man that mirror was dirty! (May it rest in peace.)

Happy Wednesday!

pleated poppy