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Tuesday Thoughts & Things


- I will forever love American Idol, but The Voice is growing on me. Really growing on me. I love the judge line up this year! Our whole family is enjoying watching it together... although I'm not sure Blake is really focusing; after one really good performance he turned to me and said, "Mom, I really want to ride a cow... or a sheep."


- Our grapes are finally ripe and ready to harvest for juicing so I unearthed all my canning jars & bottles yesterday, washed and prepared them, and then just as I was about to head outside to start cutting and filling my buckets with grapes, it started to rain. Obviously I took a nap instead.

- My cooking mojo is back! That is, my desire to make home cooked meals for my family. My skill however, seems a little shaky. Last night I overcooked the chicken breasts so badly that Russ and I could only chew our way through half of them before giving up and tossing them in the garbage. (The kids didn't seem to notice, God bless them.)

So what I'm saying is, life seems to have returned to normal pretty quickly ;)

{Don't be alarmed by the giant bow eating my face... it's just my apron.}

Hey, Monday!


I love a fresh new week! Especially when I'm finally back to my regular work schedule (which only includes one job) and feel all, "FREEEEEEDOM!" inside! Guys, I even made plum sauce this weekend. AND CLEANED.

It was a fun weekend. Russ and Cooper were gone hunting so it was just me, Kendall and Blake, and this meant no cooking, shakes from Big Burger, a girls-only game night, and a sleepover at Grandmas! (It also meant I had no chair for Blake's Saturday morning soccer game because Russ took them all, along with my umbrella. It was a sad, soggy Saturday morning, folks.)

(Russell would probably like me to clarify that he did not "pack" my umbrella for hunting, it was just in the vehicle that he took.)

When the boys returned yesterday afternoon my joy at seeing them again was only slightly overtaken with horror at the sight of Cooper's face:
Poor kid was stung on the face three times by a yellow jacket out in the woods, and this is what it looked like by DAY 3. All I wanted to do was hold and cuddle him! (And stare at him. Literally, I can not stop staring... he looks soooo funny.)

Apparently it didn't phase him too much though, or diminish the fun of the trip in his eyes, so we had a fun family evening catching up and hearing their camp tales & stories. 

And now that I'm only working outside the home two days a week again, I may just feel magnanimous enough to do their camp laundry! 

It's going to be a good week :)

What I Wore Wednesday


No. 1
thrifted Lush top, Target jeans, Ross sandals

pretty new bracelet from a friend for my birthday

No. 2 
Old Navy cardigan, Loft top, Big Star jeans, Payless sandals

No. 3 
TJ Maxx top, Old Navy cardigan, American Eagle jeans, Target sandals

No. 4 
Old Navy cardigan, Target top, Silver jeans, Target sandals

No. 5 
Maurice's top, Big Star jeans, Target flats

I think this may be the first time I wore jeans all week since last winter! 
(Note to self: buy more jeans for this winter...)

Happy Wednesday!

pleated poppy

Monday Confessional


Last Friday night I attended a women's event at our church that was a fun kick off to the new year of women's bible study starting this week. Even though I'd had a super full week (read:chaotic) and was pretty tired by the time 7pm rolled around, I was still excited to go, and had a wonderful time. (Dessert was involved, woot woot!)

I tried not to stay too long chatting afterwards so I could come home and watch a movie with my husband, so quite a handful of ladies were still there when I left... which is unfortunate because they all became witnesses to what happened next.

Which is that no sooner had I pulled into the driveway back home, when Beth, one of the event coordinators, called and asked if I'd remembered that I'd brought my son Blake with me? And that he was still in the babysitting room waiting to be picked up?


I'd forgotten that completely.

I will not lie, the first words out of my mouth were: "Beth! Don't tell ANYONE!", as I swerved into a u-turn and zipped back towards our church. But she laughingly replied, "It's too late! I went around asking everyone where you were and no one could find you!"

And thus, it was with great shame and embarrassment that I returned to pick up my son, with many a laughing friend waiting to tease me in the church foyer (most especially the one who I had just told, not a half hour earlier, that I had never left a child behind before! Of ALL the things to happen!!)

Someone (Ahem... Carolyn!) even put a picture on facebook:
{Captioned: "Who is this child. .. he sure is cute!"}

(Don't you all wish you had kind and compassionate friends like me? ;)

So yeah. It's gonna take a while to live this one down, folks.

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- When you're given beautiful intertwining bracelets for your birthday and after wearing them for the first time you realize you can't get them off your wrist so you sleep in them and try again in the morning. #fatfistedproblems.

- When every friend, family member, long-lost-acquaintance, and brother's-neighbor's-aunt gives you chocolate for your birthday, and you stash it away thinking it will last you the WHOLE YEAR, and then two weeks later you have two candy bars left and it dawns on you that you're a sad, sad, chocolate-eating fool.

-  When you realize that your thirteen-year-old daughter has more emotional self-control than you when it comes to hearing bad news from a medical professional. Case in point: Kendall was recently (and very bluntly) told some disheartening news that came as quite the shock to her by her eye doctor, and was clearly thrown off her rocker and wanted to cry. But she held it in, and didn't break down until the car ride home. And then after a good half hour cry was okay and has been fine ever since.

As opposed to me, who upon hearing the disheartening news three years ago that my root canal had cracked and I'd need to have my front tooth pulled out, burst into tears, cried the whole rest of the appointment, the whole half hour drive home, AND for the next two hours straight while curled up in a ball on the bed. (An especially awkward time for my husband, who's only arsenal of comfort was: "it's not like it's cancer, babe", to which I responded: "I'LL HAVE TO WEAR A FAKE TOOTH!")

- When you're in need of firewood for winter and within the week two friends call offering free wood if you'll come cut it up and remove it, and it ends up being over four cords worth, enough for almost the whole winter. Yeah!!
- Also awesome: my hardworking STUD of a husband.

And now for a special "Awkard AND Awesome?":
- When your eleven-year-old comes home from school all jazzed up excited because he has started a loan business for kids in his class that deals solely with the "fake" money they earn in class for rewards, and he's charging interest, and has already made "$1000" class bucks that he's going to put towards a test freebie (getting to skip a test), and is all, "isn't that awesome and cool, Mom?"

And you're all: MY SON IS A LOAN SHARK.