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What I Wore Wednesday


I can't get away front it... I like a pop (or giant splash) of bright color in my outfits!

No. 1
Maurice's shirt, Old Navy tunic, Fylo leggings, Target sandals

No. 2 
Rue 21 top, Banana Republic jeans (thrifted), Ross sandals

No. 3 
Merona dress (thrifted) Old Navy sweater (clothes swap), Payless sandals, Ross belt

No. 4 
Shade Clothing dress, Maurices shirt, Target sandals, handmade scarf from a friend

No. 5 
H&M shirt (clothes swap), Big Star jeans, Old Navy flats, Fred Meyers scarf

Color me crazy, but my favorite was the last one!
Happy Wednesday, friends.

pleated poppy

Ten on Tuesday: farming, fishing, and a touch of awkward


1. I didn't mean to skip blogging yesterday. What happened is that I was strong-armed gave into playing Hay Day this weekend after resisting it's siren call for at least two months, and lo-and-behold I am now a bona fide farmer who cares for little else besides harvesting crops and tending animals and the likes.

In other words, I've been busy playing a game on my phone.

2. And this is the part where I eat crow for making fun of many of my friends for the past few months for their addiction to the game. I get it.

3. Let the record show, however, that I did quit Candy Crush a over a month ago (after reaching level 425), and it is now dead to me. I can only obsess over one game at a time.

4. In real world news, we had a lovely weekend. Low-key, awesome weather, friends over Friday night and then dinner out at different friends' Saturday night, cards and qwirkle, church and naps, it was pretty perfect.
^^Dave, Kelly, and Qwirkle^^
5. Well, pretty perfect until late Sunday afternoon that is, when Blake hurt his arm playing basketball. We iced it for the evening and watched it all day yesterday and even though he says it's not really bothering him, it looks funny. Funny as in, we're off to get x-rays this morning.

6. This didn't stop him from going on his first salmon fishing trip yesterday though... Russ woke him up at the ungodly hour of 4:45 am to join Russ's buddy, Brian, and his son Brooks (age 4), on their boat in the Columbia River and they were gone until 4 pm in the afternoon. They returned happy and rosy-cheeked but sadly salmon-less.

7. Here is the point where I would normally show you several great photos of said trip, if only Russell had remembered to take any. SAD DAYS :(

8. Instead I will show you a pretty Spring picture I took out my car window while driving through my sister's neighborhood yesterday. I love gardens in the spring! (Just not mine with it's sole two tulips.)

9. In an update on the boat project, Russell has received 4 offers to purchase it so far, without actually advertising it yet or even beginning any work on it. I don't know how he does it but the man is gifted.

10. And last but not least, a helpful hint from yours truly, the ever-awkward Jodalamode: if you let your daughter babysit someone else's child for the evening in your own home, please remember that someone will be coming to pick that child up late at night, and you won't want to turn all the lights in your entire house off and go to bed, especially when you currently have no front porch and therefore no accessible front door. This will avoid the mortification of a timid knock-knocking at your unlit backdoor when you have no bra on. Or pants. 

Helpful, no? You're welcome :) 

Friday photo dump


Reasons I'm so happy it's Friday:
- it's gorgeous outside!
- I'm sitting with a hot white mocha in my hands and it's delicious.
- it's not Thursday anymore, a day that was very long and tiring and was topped by the awesome event of me locking my keys, purse, and phone in my car and having to be rescued by my husband.

So yaaaay, Friday!

Beautiful tulips. Sadly, after our sheep escapades of last spring and summer, they are my ONLY two tulips that returned! 

When children melt butter in the microwave and leave it for you to find later in this hardened state. Nice.

Getting organized for grocery shopping last week...

and running into a friend to shop with once in town (yay for shopping buddies!)

Supporting our nephews' team... 

and supporting child labor! (Kendall is thankful it's a riding mower and not push. Can you imagine?!)

Free coffee from a beautiful friend at bible study...

and non-free but totally worth it shakes from Big Burger - YUM.

Also yum: VEGEMITE. 
(Apparently I'm in the minority in my preference between the two.)

Have a great weekend!

What I Wore Wednesday


Based on my outfits this past week, you wouldn't be able to tell if it was winter or spring around here. That's because Oregon doesn't know what it's doing these days! 

No. 1
Ross sweater cardigan, Old Navy blouse, Silver jeans, Target sandals

No. 2
clothes swap sweater (Jessica Simpson), thrifted Banana Republic jeans, Matisse boots, Old Navy necklace

No. 3
new-to-me Clothes swap top (Dress Barn) and pants (Kenneth Cole), Target wedges, gifted necklace

No. 4
Maurice's shirt, Old Navy scarf, Target jeans, Matisse boots

No. 5 
Ross top & sandals, Silver jeans, thrifted belt, gifted necklace

(No. 5 for the win! It was my fave this week :)

pleated poppy

What happened on Monday


Yesterday was just a regular Monday... with the usual Halverson mishaps/adventures involved.


Mishap #1
A month ago we heard about a local Royal Rangers group (think Christian Boy Scouts) that meets Monday nights, and decided to let Cooper sign up since he's not playing baseball this spring. The next week when he was supposed to go for the first time, we completely spaced it and forgot to take him. Big bummer.
The week after that, we remembered to take him but forgot to pick him up, until 5 minutes after the pick up time. Awkward.
So I put a handy alert in my phone to go off 10 minutes before the end time, (an alert that said, "go pick up Cooper!"), and last night it went off as scheduled. Which was my first clue that we'd forgot all about the meeting in the first place. AGAIN. Darn it! 

We are superstar parents.

Mishap #2
Blake, playing on my old android phone that I wiped clean and then loaded a few games onto for our road trip last month, managed to reconnect to my old AT&T account and make an in-app purchase of 4.99, without even knowing what he was doing. ("I can't read the words, Mom, so I just click-click-clicked!")

This led to a very frustrated half hour trying to disconnect from my account, block future purchases, etc. etc. which was ultimately a fruitless task and led to another half an hour on the phone with tech support. The bottom line is my old phone is now wiped clean again, and no longer holds a SIM card. The good news is that tech support credited back the charge Blake made and all I lost besides an hour of my time was the last of my supply of nerves for the day.

Well the short story is, as of 8 pm last night, we now have a 20 ft. fishing boat sitting in our backyard.

Yep, Russ has taken on another "fix & flip" project, this one to complete from start-to-finish with Cooper (hard-worker-in-training) so they can put a concrete slab and basketball hoop in front of our shop.

I understand if this is confusing news to you because we are already in the midst of a new front porch/deck project. OH I UNDERSTAND. The thing is, Russell can not say no to an opportunity to help a friend (a friend who wants someone else sell his boat for him), while making some extra income himself, and I can not say no to a husband who lays out a solid game plan with enough enthusiasm, optimism and overall excitement to beguile the hardest soul. (Not to mention the use of phrases such as "this will be a great learning experience for our son").

So you see, I practically had no choice.

Yep, just a regular ol' Monday ;)