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Awkward and Awesome


- when the gas attendant pumping your gas is clearly 10 years younger than you but calls you "Hon" approximately 5 times before you finally pull out.
- when your 7-year-old son is caught red-handed DRAWING on the outside wall of his school with a marker like it's no big deal. Pretty sure we covered vandalism by the age of three!
- and moments like these:
{I have no idea}

- blog buddies who get together and learn new things with you, listen and share, encourage, and are excited about all the things that instantly make your husband glaze over when you try to tell him about them ;)
- when your 12-year-old son makes dinner for the family after you've had a full day and you get a night off from the kitchen! (WHY AM I JUST NOW MAKING THIS HAPPEN?)
- when you walk your little vandal into the principal's office so he can make his confession and ask for forgiveness, offering to clean it off himself, and he does such a good job and almost makes it the whole way through without any tears, so that you are so proud, and then the principal asks if he can hug him, and prays with him that he won't feel any more guilt because he's forgiven, and you are reminded once again how blessed you are to be able to send your children to a Christian school.
- Suuunshiiiine! And a beautiful and warm weekend ahead! I feel ya coming, Summer!
- when the tub is still your favorite playground:

What I Wore


No. 1
Old Navy sweater, Silver jeans, Target sandals

No. 2 
thrifted top, H&M scarf, American Eagle jeans, Converse shoes, Maurice's sunglasses

No. 3 
Ross top, Penny's skirt (from a clothing swap), Target sandals

No. 4 
Kohl's top, American Eagle jeans, Matisse boots

No. 5 
Costco cardigan, TJ Maxx black top, Silver jeans, Converse shoes

Happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!

pleated poppy

The Weekend Report


Well, it's come to this. My life now revolves around driving my kids to their multiple activities, and if I can get two hours of uninterrupted time at home I count myself lucky.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all involved at least 6 trips to either the school, town, a practice, a meeting, a sports clinic, a friend's house, or somewhere Kendall was babysitting. I barely had any time at all to get through the book and a half that I still managed to read! ;)

A few fun activities did get squeezed in though...

Friday night we found out Russ was voted the 1A Girls Basketball Coach of the Year for the State of Oregon. Huuuuge honor. HUGE. So there was nothing for it but to go get celebratory BBQ wings and milkshakes! I was so thrilled for this guy.
{One of my favorite coaching pictures of Russ}
Saturday night, with Kendall at a friend's and Cooper at a Blazer game, we decided to take Blake out on a little date to a new Mexican restaurant in town, and when Russ asked if he could turn their big screen TV to the Blazer game, we were just in time to see Cooper and his friends on TV! Twice!

{The boys were very proud of the signs they made!}
Obviously, this eclipsed any previous highlight of Cooper's entire life and together, Cooper and Russell both floated on air the rest of the weekend :)

Sunday evening we visited some friends that just moved to our town and bought an amazing piece of property, and probably way overstayed our welcome because we were all... other people! Grownups to talk with! It was a lovely end to the weekend.

And now I'll just pretend I don't have 300 more places to drive my kids this week ;)

Guilty pleasure


{Raising readers}

Reading is the current guilty pleasure taking me away from more regular blogging. I only call it a "guilty" pleasure because I can't seem to do it with any semblance of balance. Cooking? Housework? Outside activities? A decent bedtime?


I am engulfed. And because I know this is how I work, and life just keeps getting busier and busier as my kids grow older, I allow myself the guilty pleasure of a good book binge less and less. But I do allow it! Reading is good for the soul! (It's also good for the vocabulary. Kendall informs me that mine is vast. Hehe.)

Georgette Heyer is one of my all time favorite authors and I have every single one of her historical romance novels. On my bookshelf and on my kindle. (If you love Jane Austen then you will love Georgette Heyer. Super clean. Very witty. Excellent dialogue. Just ignore her mysteries.) I force myself to wait as long as possible before picking one up again because I know that when I do, I will fall back in love all over again and reread almost all of them.


I think it's been close to 5 whole years since I last went through them all and this past weekend I decided I'd waited long enough. I'm now on # 4 for the week :) 

I'll see ya when I see ya, is what I'm saying ;)

P.S. My very faves? The Foundling, Cotillion, The Convenient Marriage, Devil's Cub, Friday's Child, Frederica... I could go on for a while, actually...

What I Wore


No. 1
(to church on Easter)
Kohl's top, Maurice's skirt, old necklace & wedge heels

No. 2
(to Easter lunch with family) 
Old Navy sweater, American Eagle jeans, Ross sandals

No. 3
(to bible study, work, the orthodontist, and the movies with my daughter,
because some days just be crazy.) 
Costco jacket, Target top, Maurice's jeans & necklace, Aldo purse, and the cutest black wedges from Trend Shoes... really, it's too bad you can't see them!

Happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!

pleated poppy